The other day I learnt about the use of ‘the’ and ‘a’

In Danish, the word ‘House’ is ‘hus’

Hus (like the scottish ‘Hoose’)

And when saying ‘a house’ you would say:

et hus (et hoose)

But saying ‘the house’ is written:

huset (hooset)

The ‘et’ moves from the beginning to the end of the word. The ‘oo’ almost has a ‘w’ in there like ‘oow’ but that may just be a dialect thing.

So I expect the use of ‘a’ and ‘the’ to be similar in most other nouns:

Car, chair, door, bag.

en bil, bilen (beel-n)

en stol, stolen (stol-n)

en dør, døren (deuhr-n)

en pose, posen (pouws-n)