Danish is apparently quite a hard language to learn, many dialects with their own sounds. Also some Danes can’t really understand others who are from far away, which makes it sound almost impossible to learn :S

However, English is apparently hard as well- missing and silencing letters in words like ‘could’ and ‘duvet’  also the same sound works for two different meanings of words ‘would’ and ‘wood’. One question I have been asked is what is the difference in pronunciation between ‘flour’ and ‘flower’…I don’t think there is.

So to begin with, I have searched ‘learn Danish’ in Google, and there I found a website: http://www.speakdanish.dk/

This looks pretty good, begins with some sentences to give a beginner an example of how the language sounds. With this, and the experience of hearing Danes talking in the real world, you will see how slow the examples are. There is a huge rise in speed when spoken in the real world. One of the sentences is

The question ‘can you help me?’

Written Danish ‘Kan du hjaelp mig?’

Sounds like ‘ka doo yelbeh-miy’

So I will be learning how letters are pronounced as well as which letters will be pronounced!

J is a (y) sound

U is a (oo) sound

G is a (y) sound