The Nisse is a house elf/gnome/little magical man who makes things happen easily. Though he is temperamental, if  he isn’t treated well by the family he lives with, he’ll turn bad and mess things about like Amelie.

In work we have anonymously been assigned a person to be the Nisse for!  We should give them nice things but then trick them if we want.. it seems a little strange but it’s a very old tradition.


Ok, so the reason that I heard about Miles Davis is at a team building session linked to work, we got in Gustav Rasmussen and Ketil Duckert who are musicians who work as a duo in creativity for businesses.

My team and I were experienced to producing strange music out of upturned buckets and sticks, and took no less than two hours to produce coherent, synchronised ‘music’ by following the language of Sound painting.

Here is their website:

I like Miles Davis 😉

Number______Danish_______English Pronounciation











Yesterday  I took part in a Inter-cultural workshop introduction, which basically means that I sat down and listened to a presentation about whats different about Danish people, the way they do things and the way they think.

We also all took a test or questionnaire to find out our ‘working culture’

In the Danish society, it is normal to:

  • Be very individual, responsible for what you do
  • Be very direct, not hiding a meaning in sentences (which can seem blunt)
  • Have equality, and modesty as strong values
  • Expect all other Danes to do the above, Be individual, be direct, and be equal.
This is quite a extreme version (not all Danes believe this is how they are) but this is an example of the core values that Denmark has.








And the ‘J’ in Danish words is pronounced with a ‘y’ sound in English!

This is very basic stuff but I’ll likely be filling this blog with insights of language and culture like a library of code.

I am Jonathan and I have moved to Denmark. It is not too different here than it is back in Scotland, only there are less hills and less rubbish on the ground. One thing I plan to do here is do my bit to learn the Danish language and some of the Danish culture. This is my blog that may help me in my quest, with general cultural learnings on the way. Wish me luck! 🙂