Danish pronunciation (bee-loond)

Billund is where LEGO; the construction toy originates from. Pictured above, LEGOLAND Billund is a good example of how the town has grown since the early years of the company. Ole Kirk Christiansen started the family company in 1934 and also built Billund Airport which allows thousands of LEGO fans young and old to visit the birthplace of their favourite toy.

Apart from the fame of LEGO, Billund has very quiet scenery, one hill and a few shops.


Danish pronunciation (vai-leh)

‘Vejle’ means Fjord, the city is east of Billund and is a larger, heavier populated place. Vejle, for a town has a lot of different qualities,  the Cinema ‘Lido’ which is pretty awesome. Also there are a lot of pretty nice café’s and bars that are around the high street and near the train station.

Vejle High Street in December (Brrrr)

There is a huge range in shops to choose from, Butik and fashion to hardware electronics and of course toys. However they will close at 2pm at the weekends! So if you are travelling to Vejle, make sure you are there nice and early.

Emily and I in Vejle sporting our flat stanley, in his visit to Denmark!


Danish pronunciation (ree-beh)

Our Lady Maria Cathedral in Ribe

Ribe is pretty old. In Viking times Ribe was an international trade center which made it an ideal starting point for Christian missionaries from Hamburg to begin the process of the Christianization of Scandinavia.


Danish pronunciation: (Or-hoose)

Busy Aarhus high street in December! Starts at the train station from the south and ends up in the street markets when in December, you can buy a little cup of Glugg (mulled wine) and also some roasted chocolate nuts!

This is Aros, the big art and design museum. I’ve not been in yet but I’m planning to go for a visit some point later in the year. The huge multicoloured glass ring at the top of the building is a walkway for people to see out over Aarhus. Apparently in the strong sun the ring casts rainbow colours over select houses living near, the residents not happy about having an orange room…I think that would be pretty cool to be honest.

…More to come soon!